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Photo of the day: HAPPY GAY PRIDE


Photo of the day: HAPPY GAY PRIDE DAY!  . . . now go and get married !

Photo of the day: CHER IS LOVE, LOVE IS ALL


Photo of the day: LOVE IS ALL, ALL IS LOVE – CHER keeps that mantra all the time. It is so relevant this Gay Pride weekend when America has finally said you can marry whom you wish and share equal rights. Cher is love. Love is all.

Photo of the day: MY NIGHT WITH ANDY COHEN AND . . . CHER !


Photo of the day: MY NIGHT WITH ANDY COHEN AND . . . CHER ! – Last  night, at 2:30 in the morning the vision of Cher ascending the staircase amongst the club goers at Club Marquee was not a dream, it was a dream, some would say come true. The goddess herself after spending the evening with Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” show on Bravo, joined Andy in attending a ‘Cher Fashion Show’ while her music was blasting.
Dressed in an Egyptian/street warrior type outfit, she and Andy watched with delight as she sang along to some of her songs. It was surreal to have Cher just a few feet away holding court over “her boys” and the Cher drag queens for Pride Week. Andy Cohen was charged with energy as he couldn’t stop grinning with sheer delight at spending the evening with Cher. Neither could we!
After the show she came down the stairs right through the club goers, onto the floor and joined the DJ on stage and spoke from the heart: “I have a lot of very special fans, but you guys are extra special. From the bottom of my heart, I mean this, I have had ups and downs in my career and you guys have never left me! You will keep me in sequins forever.”
Here’s a video montage of the evening:



Photo of the day: TIME AND LOVE CONQUERS DOMA AND PROP 8 – DOMA lasted eight years. Prop 8 lasted six years. Kim Kardashian’s and Kris Humphries’ marriage lasted 72 days. Britney Spears’ marriage lasted 55 hours.
This old couple’s love has lasted forty-three years. Love, trust and respect have kept them smiling through the good and bad years. True love is ageless, colorless, lawless and timeless.



Photo of the day: GOLDEN GIRL WITH PARACHUTE – Brooklyn’s Eiffel Tower ‘The Parachute Jump’ has been towering 250 feet over the seashore since 1941. It was built for the 1939 York World’s New Fair in Flushing Meadows, Queens and was moved to Coney Island in 1941 as part of the famed Steeplechase Pier. The ride ceased operations in 1964 when the park shut down for good. Today it is the only remnant of that bygone era.
What has not changed, despite hurricane Sandy, is the tradition is basking in the sun on a hot summer’s day, sitting not too far away from the famed Nathan’s hot dog stand. Life will always be a beach and a boardwalk – the amusement park, the smell of Coppertone, sand between your toes, sounds of children splashing with delight in the water, beach umbrella hawkers and young men perusing the boardwalk for their golden girl.
**(Celebrating my 300th post!)**

Photo of the day: THE POPE HAS A YARD SALE


Photo of the day: POPE HAS YARD SALE – If men of clergy – popes, pastors, priests are called ‘men of the cloth’ . . . then this should be one helluva sale! My question is, what will they be wearing next season?!

Mondays on Memory Lane: MICHAEL JACKSON 8-29-1958 TO 6-25-2009


Mondays on Memory Lane: MICHAEL JACKSON 8-29-1958 TO 6-25-2009 – On June 25, 2009, Michael Jackson was murdered by his so-called doctor, Conrad Murray, by acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication and suffered a heart attack in his home on North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles.
In August of 1967 Michael (age 7) and The Jackson 5 auditioned at the famed Apollo Theater’s talent contest and easily won first prize. Diana Ross introduced the Jackson 5 to the American television viewing audience on her TV special in 1969, the rest is history. Forty years later the story horrifically came to an end on a day in June of 2009. The news was shocking. On the west coast fans had several places to mourn, the hospital, his home and Hollywood Blvd’s Walk of Fame. On the east coast fans surged to New York’s  Apollo Theater on Harlem’s 125th Street where Michael was discovered.
It was one of those summer heat waves where you felt like you can fry an egg on the sidewalk, but people came by the thousands. You had to stand in line for two blocks to get to the front of the theater to leave flowers or leave mementos behind. Street vendors lined the street with everything ‘Michael’ for sale, his music blared from every stand. Worldwide TV crews were everywhere.
Directly to the left of the Apollo was an empty lot surrounded by a blue wooden wall. Fans instinctively took out their felt tip pens and started writing messages of love to Michael. Within a few days the wall started to turn black from all the signatures. But the Apollo theater brought out plastic sheeting to cover the wall so that fans could continue to sign, day after day, the sheets filled up rapidly.
On July 1st, I came to pay my respects and watch the phenomena. After I had left a few messages on the wall, I stood back and watched the people. Hour after hour in the heat and then it struck me. As I watched people signing the wall, I noticed – there was an old black woman next to a young white woman, an old white woman next to a young black woman. There were people of all colors, all ages, all genders, all persuasions. So many different languages could be heard: Finnish, German, French, Russian, Italian, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, all dialects.
Hans Von Rittern and the signature wall

Hans Von Rittern and the signature wall

Music had brought them all together. Through Michael’s music they were all one, united, if only for that brief period in time. The love of music unites. Michael united all. Rest in peace Michael.
. . . Doctor Murray received the maximum sentence of four years. . .

Photo of the day: I GOT TIME ON MY HANDS


Photo of the day: I GOT TIME ON MY HANDS – Time seemed to stand still in the year 1962 during my private tour of the TWA Flight Center in New York’s JFK airport. The flowing timeless architecture by Finland’s architect Eero Saarinen makes you feel as if you are floating through the space, which was his idea. He said he wanted no focal point at all, just sweeping vistas. Therefore, the clock was an added idea on the part of TWA (Trans World Airlines) insisting a clock be placed somewhere within the terminal. Here it is above the floating central bridge/walkway. Sadly time did not wait for Eero Saarinen, he died shortly before his building was completed. But time actually has stood still here today, since the building has been officially landmarked and is slowly being renovated for Jet Blue airlines.


TWA 1©


TWA flight 221 now boarding for Bermuda at gate two.”

One of the epitomes of high style 1960’s architectural design is Eero Saarinen‘s 1962 TWA Flight Center shaped like a flying bird. Mr. Saarinen was born in Finland and his architectural firm was based in Detroit. One of the greatest gifts he ever gave to New York City’s Kennedy Airport is this ‘Mad Men’ era TWA Flight Center building.

You can just see women with pill box hats, gloves with matching shoes, elegant suits and hat boxes arriving for their journey abroad. The open design is one of fluidity, your eyes are made to sweep across this magnificent airy space.

The terminal ceased operations in 2001 but has thankfully been declared a historic landmark. I was privileged enough be given a rare private tour to experience the genius and beauty that is Saarinen.

(Many more photos to follow.)

Photo of the day: THE DECISION


Photo of the day: THE DECISION – Another frozen yogurt or ice cream, kiwi or chocolate, iced tea or ginger ale, stay a little longer or leave, is it right or is it wrong, walk or ride home, should I say something, should I talk to someone else, is it too late, will this feeling go away, is there another way, iced tea or coffee. What else can be done, can it get worse, who else knows, should I tell, right or wrong, was it that long ago, will time heal, is it already forgotten, is it that time, time seems to go slower, how much more time, should I, shouldn’t I, where else can I go, coffee or ginger ale, walk or ride home . . .

Photo of the day: ‘G’ IS FOR GARAGE


Photo of the day: ‘G’ IS FOR GARAGE –  Finding an available parking space on the streets of New York City can be a frustrating and time-consuming endeavor. Even if you luck into a space, confusing signs and malfunctioning meters can lead to expensive parking tickets, if the lousy new muni-meters aren’t working they can negate a whole block.
It’s no wonder that so many New York drivers rely on parking garages. Parking in a garage will cost you more than parking on the street, but will also save you time and headaches when you’re in a hurry. According to
Park It! NYC 2009, a directory of Manhattan parking garages, there are 103,000 licensed, off-street parking spaces in Manhattan. New York parking garages range from the tiny (the one at 324 W. 11th St. has just 7 spaces) to the enormous (the garage at Pier 40 has 3,500 spaces).
But how much are you wiling to pay for this privileged space? In Manhattan it can cost as much as an additional room to your apartment. The most expensive parking space in Manhattan is located as part of a private townhouse at 66 East 11th Street for the annual rate of $1 million dollars a year! There are cheaper spaces – at the 2nd most expensive garage in NYC at the GM Building, 767 Fifth Avenue/59th Street where the rate is only $66. a day = $1,320 per month!

But, the average price for monthly parking in Manhattan is $431. Some garages will offer discounts if you commit to a six-to-twelve-month contract, so go ahead and try to negotiate. Hourly rates tend to vary widely by neighborhood — from about $6 to $25 and over. ‘G’ is for ‘golly!’, ‘gosh!’, ‘gee wiz!’ and ‘God damn!’



The tropical breezes blow
The palm trees sway to and fro
As the piña coladas  flow
The city seems to glow.
For a luxurious tropical night in Manhattan visit 230 Fifth Avenue’s rooftop cocktail lounge. All sorts of palms trees and lush fauna in giant white wooden planters let you forget you are in The Big Apple, but take a look at the skyline view – and you see the best view of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, The Empire State Building and it’s surrounding skyscrapers. Sip your Mai tai as you watch the magic of Manhattan’s sunsets turn the skyline from blue to orange to red to irridescent blue as the light come on the skyline starts to glow! 230 FIFTH is the largest outdoor rooftop garden in New York City.
230 FIFTH has two floors, an outdoor rooftop as well as a fully enclosed (Penthouse Lounge) and private event rooms underneath, both with breathtaking views of the NYC skyline.  Their Rooftop Garden also has very large, oversize umbrellas for rainy days, or for very hot sunny days, they partially heat the rooftop in cooler months. 230 Fifth is a lounge that also offers a full food menu. Open every day, 365 days of the year to the general public from 4:00PM – 4:00AM. Saturday and Sunday Brunch from 10am-4pm.
Location: 230 FIFTH AVE corner 27th street on 5th Ave. 212-725-4300



Photo of the day: WEDNESDAY ADDAMS LIVES! –  Do ~not~ cross her for she is ruler of her garden! Don’t let her lace dress fool you, or the innocent face – she wields her mighty sharp sword and is deadly serious. Keep out unless asked! Photos by permission only, her’s is the only permission that rules . . . and she means it.
“Wednesday” is really seven year old Brady Allen Egan.  Brady Allen born on Labor Day 2005 is an older earnest spirit inside a young girl’s body. Last year she asked everybody to bring kids shoes for her birthday party instead of presents and she donated them to  President Clinton’s Rotararian project. For this years 8th birthday, Brady will ask for donations to be made to President Clinton’s AIDS foundation. She also donated her hair about amonth ago and that’s why she has such a chic short bob. Brady loves, loves animals, she has a cat and a dog, both rescues, and Brady is always outside playing with them to make them happy. She walks to school every day, her parents do not have a car and in her home of Pleasantville, Long Island they don’t have school busses. So, every morning with a determined gate, she heads off to become the future ruler of the world. What does this selfless ballet and soccer player want to be when she finally reaches 21 – a veterinarian. Until then, careful if you see her – she means business!



Mondays on Memory Lane: YORKVILLE’S SCHALLER & WEBER’S DELICATESSEN –  At the turn of the century from 1890 – 1910 one third on New York City spoke German, today hardly anyone does and instead you hear Spanish, Russian and Chinese.  I was born in 1955 and as a child we would go to the German section of the city named Yorkville. Yorkville’s center street was East 86th Street and it’s surrounding streets. In this area you could still here strains of “wunderbar” and ooom-pah-pah ♫♪ all around you. You could buy everything from back home: Mecki books, Salamander shoes, Zarah Leander and Heino records, teewurst, Loden coats, Tyrolian hats, beer steins, wooden nut crackers, Lübeck Marzipan, German magazines and newspapers and all the wiener schnitzel and beer you wanted.
That was then, today there are only 2 establishments left that I know of. The Heidelberg Restaurant (1648 Second Avenue) where today the little dark haired Guatemalan waiters wearing (much too big) lederhosen  tell you the day’s specials in a heavy Spanish accent. But…there is one staple that has remained – Schaller and Weber, opened in 1937 at 1654 Second Avenue/86th Street, a German delicatessen where the white haired old German butchers with German accents still politely slice the fresh deli meats daily.
When I was a little boy, this place was heaven to me and still is. You can just lock me up behind the deli counter and leave me in there for a week. Ahhh! The smoked hams, the dozens of salamis, the stuffed peppers, stuffed veal, weiß wurst, Westphalian ham and my obsession – roladen! Roladen are very thin slices of beef, rolled up with spices, bacon and onion inside, pan fried with a rich dark gravy, add boiled potatoes and you’re set. Then there are also the wonderful chocolates, sauces, white asparagus, smoked fish, hearty breads, Bahlsen cookies, Maggi and Knorr spices and a fine assortment of cheeses.
In 2013, for a person born in to an all German family, Schaller and Weber is that one place I can still retreat to and relive my childhood, inhale deeply and feel at home. The store, (thank god) has hardly changed. They are struggling to hang on throughout the great disruption of the second avenue subway being built. There were rumors of them not being able to afford to stay open, but when I reach the corner of 2nd Avenue and 86th Street – they are still there – a sight for sore eyes. I go inside and it is Christmas/Weihnachten 1962 and I’m standing in line with my numbered ticket to be called as I am fixating on all the goodies I hope my mother will buy for the Christmas holidays, always topped off with the treat of a Lübecker marzipan bar. Some kids dreamed of being locked up in toys stores and candy shops – I dreamed of being locked up in Schaller and Weber!
Here is a partial list of their goodies and a link to their web site:

Spaetzle (German Noodle)

Imported Brands Maggi, Panni, Bechtle, Riehle (Manager’s Favorite)

Pickles & Sauerkraut Gundelsheim, Hengstenberg, Pickled Herring

Mustard & Ketcup Lowensene, Handlmaier & Thomy, Feisner & Hela (Ketchup)

Honey (Honig) Bihophar & Langnese (Assorted Flavors)

Soup & Gravy Mixes Knorr, Maggi Potato Dumplings & Pancake Mixes

Jams /Jellies Darbo (Austrian), Vavel (Polish), Landsberg (Germany)

Breads Landsberg, Mestemacher

German Cheeses Limberger, Harzer Kase, Tilsit

Coffees Jacobs, Tchibo, Dallmayer

Syrups Darbo (Austrian), Marco Polo (Hungarian), Adro, (Many more & assorted flavors)

Assorted Cosmetics 4711, The oldest brand in Germany, Fa, Nivia, Kamille

Sweets & Treats Haribo: Gummy Bears (Large Variety), Swedish Fish: Abba (Assorted Flavors), Bahlsen Cookies: Kipderl, Waffelette, Butter Leibniz, Kopper’s Chocolates, Marzipan: Maker, Mozart Kugeln: Reber

Photo of the day: “…love doesn’t come at the time and place you expect it to…”


Photo of the day: MINDY CASSEL & RAY ROSATO WED 6-16-2012My two dear friends Ray & Mindy are married one year today! Ray gave me the great  honor of asking me to be the best man at their wedding, which meant I had to deliver the toast. I worked and worked on my speech and decided to base it on the love story of an adopted Greek aunt of mine Aunt Grekorakis, ‘Aunt G’ for short. Here is my wedding toast:
RAY ROSATO, I suspect,  was a grumpy old man before he was 30. He is the cantankerous old Jewish man on the corner, the Italian punk with attitude, a true cussing New Yorker, a great tour guide and comedian, and a dear friend.
I love Ray because of all these qualities, some say in spite of them 🙂 We met 5 years ago at Gray Line and it was instant “love”. The same was my affection for Mindy. She has this jubilant light inside, this child-like enthusiasm for everything she does. Bursting to do her best with this beaming smile. I fell in love with both of them.  Soon, I discovered Mindy is my neighbor, just 2 blocks away and that Ray would often come to stay with her. Poor Ray on the 7 train…….once Mindy and I started gabbing about something that upset her, or the theater, or work, the best Ray could do was to be able to interject with 3 phrases: uh-huh, I‘m listening, and (to either one of us) “yes dear“.
I mean all of this in the most loving way. If ever 2 people were meant to be together, it’s Ray and Mindy – just look in their eyes when they look at each other. It’s George Burns and Gracie Allen, Lunt & Fontaine, Bacardi & rum, ying and yang, Mork & Mindy, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Lucy and Ricky, peanut butter and jelly, Bogie and Bacall, Barney and Betty Rubble, cookies and milk.
But – There’s one couple they remind me of the most. . . Growing up, I had this adopted Greek aunt ‘Grekorakis’, aunt “G” for short. Imagine Lucille Ball with blonde poodle cut hair. She was a chain smoker, consistently blew smoke rings, which fascinated me! Wore 4 charm bracelets on each wrist, drank ouzo and simply was…divine! In 1964, at age 82, she met and fell in love with professor Ralph Harlow from Harvard. They were married the very next year. Their picture is right here! She wore a lace, almost see through wedding dress, danced on the tables in a Greenwich Village grotto at the reception and then they traveled around the world as she lovingly dotted on him.
So, at a very early age, I saw that love doesn’t come at the time and place you expect it to. But it does fatefully come when the time is right and your heart is hopefully open enough to know “it’s right”. Well, the time is right for Ray and Mindy. They fit. Their lives fit. They’re Aunt “G” and Ralph. They found each other when the time is right. How divine! So – A toast: To our bride and groom – Ray and Mindy Rosato! (I can’t believe I just said that!). To a safe, secure and happy future together! Lacheim, Salute and Cheers! I love you both!
Their wedding day 1965

Their wedding day 1965

Photo of the day: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE ♥ !


Photo of the day: THANK YOU to my diverse group of friends who showed up for the opening night reception party of my one man show at The Brogue! 4910 Skillman Avenue, between 49/50th Streets, Sunnyside, NY. The photos will be on display and for sale for three months!

Photo of the day: 97th ANNUAL AMERICAN FLAG DAY

Flag at Willets Point, Queens

Flag at Willets Point, Queens

“…Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam, In full glory reflected now shines in the stream: ‘Tis the star-spangled banner, O! long may it wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave…”
Photo of the day: FLAG DAY – Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with 6 white. The stripes represent the original 13 colonies, the stars represent the 50 states of the Union. The colors of the flag are symbolic as well: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.
In 1916, president Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day; in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an act of congress.
The scenic way to come Friday is by “7” train. At the time you will be traveling there are local and express “7” trains. Express have red circle lights and locals have green light circles. You want the green. When the train exits the tunnel into Queens, stay… on the left side of the car for a fantastic phenomenal view of the Manhattan skyline, the 5 Pointz Graffiti Museum and the Queensboro Bridge! Get off at 46th street. Cross Queens Blvd. to the “T Mobile side” and walk down 46th street, my home block, 2 avenues to Skillman Avenue. (When you are on the block btwn 43rd Ave/Skillman, the first apt. building on the left with the white Roman columns, 41-30 46th Street = is my home!) On Skillman Avenue turn right and walk uphill to 49th Street, The Brogue is located between 49/50th Streets, #4910 Skillman Avenue – see you all there !
The non scenic way is to take N or Q train to Queensboro Plaza, stay towards back for the view from the platform of NYC, switch to 7 GREEN LOCAL to 52nd street, walk north to Skillman, turn left 2 block to 50th street.



Photo of the day: MARY IN THE GARDEN – this photo garnered the most buzz and this past weekend’s art fair. My good friend Tom Orzo and I  had finished giving a private German tour in our Sterling Tours’ Mercedes coach and dropped off our guests in Red Hook, Brooklyn at pier 12 for their departure on The Queen Mary II. We decided to drive around and explore the relatively untouched industrial area. We came across The Intercourse Arts Center founded by contemporary artist Dustin Yellin in 2012. The center includes a large scale exhibition space, a garden and sculpture park, an artist-in-residency program, a class and lecture series.
The Intercourse is housed in a fantastic open Civil War era brick building. The space was originally a part of the complex of Pioneer Iron Works and is a remnant of Red Hook’s booming industrial past. At the time the Iron Works occupied nearly the entire block between Imlay and Conover streets. Dustin Yellin purchased the 24,000 square foot building from Time Moving and Storage in June 2011 and began renovations soon after.
Today it is an amazing art space with a sculpture garden that has all sorts of treasures and collectibles in it such as this early 1960’s Airstream stainless steel trailer. As I was walking about the garden I found the most fantastic contrast of transportation modes located not too far away from each other. The 2004 Queen Mary II bound for Southampton, England and the 1962 Airstream trailer resting comfortably in the garden. It was a momentary sight to behold these two transportation marvels.
A large 11×14 print of this photo is available for sale at http://hansvonrittern.com/
Come celebrate my one man show!! June 14, Friday, 7:30-10:00pm.
15 photos beautifully displayed at The Brogue Bar in my hood of Sunyside/LIC Queens. Located at 4910 Skillman Avenue (between 49/50th Streets). Easy to get to: take N/R/Q train to Queensboro Plaza, transfer to “7” LOCAL/GREEN train, get off either 46th or 52nd Street and walk 2 avenues north. Let’s make this a 4th of July/Christmas/Memorial Day/Labor Day celebration! Wine and cheese will be served, cash bar. Please come – I will be so happy to see you all!

Photos of the week: Come celebrate my one man show Friday, June 14th , 7:30-10:00pm !!

The photos were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that Hans' friends soon would be there!

The photos were hung by the chimney with care, In hopes that Hans’ friends soon would be there!

Come celebrate my one man show!!
15 photos beautifully displayed at The Brogue Bar in my hood of Sunnyside/LIC Queens.
Located at 4910 Skillman Avenue (between 49/50th Streets). 
Easy to get to: take N/R/Q train to Queensboro Plaza, transfer to “7” GREEN/LOCAL train, get off either 46th or 52nd Street and walk 2 avenues north.
Let’s make this a birthday/Christmas/4th of July/ Labor Day celebration!
Wine and cheese will be served, cash bar.
Please come – I will be so happy to see you all!


ART FAIR 2013 collage

Photos of the day: STOP BY AND SEE AND BUY SOME OF MY PHOTOS: You have two chances in the next two weeks. This Sunday, June 9th, is the “Invincible Summer” Art Fair at Queen of Angels Parish Hall, 44-04 Skillman Ave, corner 44th Street, 2 blocks from subway, phone 718-392-0011. I’ll be selling some of my photos from 1pm – 5pm.
Photos starting as low as $20 and $25 !
MORE GREAT NEWS! I will have my own exhibit of 12-14 of my works at The Brogue Restaurant and Bar on 4910 Skillman Avenue (between 49/50th Streets) here in my hood Sunnyside. The reception party is tentatively scheduled for Friday June 14th. Please come all! This is the first time I am having an exhibit of my own!
So come to both occasions but definitely come to the reception tentatively scheduled June 14th.!
Hopefully see you this Sunday too 🙂

Photo of the day: HOW TO HAIL A CAB ~ “TAXI, TAXI”

Model Shaniqua Myoshi Smith

Model Shaniqua Myoshi Smith

Photo of the day: TAXI, TAXI – The monsoon rain has finally stopped in New York! It is impossible to find a cab in NYC  when it rains, but now that it’ sunny ~ do you know how to hail a cab in NYC? No, you just don’t whistle and wave – you have to know the light system on top of the cab.
– When the letter and number combo is lit (6X47B) that means he is free (no passengers).
– When the letter and number combo is NOT  lit (6X47B) that means he is occupied (has passengers).
– If the words are lit on either side of the letter/number combo, it reads “OFF DUTY” that means he is going home. He may stop for you if where you’d like to go is on his way home, but he’ll quote you a flat predetermined price. (The meter is turned off…I’d wait for a working metered cab.)
– You are allowed to tell him to turn off his personal loud radio.
CONGRATULATIONS! You have just graduated Taxi Cab 101 !
“Invincible Summer Art Fair”!
Featuring Hans Von Rittern’s work
at Queen of Angels Parish Hall, 44-04 Skillman Ave, corner 44th Street, 2 blocks from subway
N/Q/R train to Quensboro Place, 7 train to 36th Street, walk 4 blocks

Photo of the day: EVER HAVE ONE OF THOSE DAYS!?!?!!!!

CHILD SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of the day: EVER HAVE ONE OF THOSE DAYS???? – This is one of them.


ART FAIR 2013 collage

Photos of the day: COME CELEBRATE HANS AND HIS PHOTOS: You have two chances in the next two weeks. This Sunday, June 9th, is the “Invincible Summer” Art Fair at Queen of Angels Parish Hall, 44-04 Skillman Ave, corner 44th Street, 2 blocks from subway, phone 718-392-0011. I’ll be selling some of my photos from 1pm – 5pm.
MORE GREAT NEWS! I will have my own exhibit of 12-14 of my works at The Brogue Restaurant and Bar on 4910 Skillman Avenue (between 49/50th Streets) here in my hood Sunnyside. The reception party is tentatively scheduled for Friday June 14th. Please come all! This is the first time I am having an exhibit of my own!
So come to both occasions but definitely come to the reception tentatively scheduled June 14th.!
Hopefully see you this Sunday too 🙂



Photo of the day: A STREETCAR NAMED FRANCET – A trip Brooklyn go to the supermarket/grocery store is more of an unusual experience than you think! The local Fairway Supermarket chain has turned the Red Hook Brooklyn waterfront into an day-trip shopping experience. Built into an old industrial building and site, it has become a day at the beach.

On the back patio are three wonderful old trolley cars from a bygone era in New York. They were supposed to be part of a planned waterfront trolley from Red Hook to the Brooklyn Bridge that has been debated since the 1980’s. About a decade ago they were restored by trolley buff Bob Diamond, who hoped to run them on a line on Columbia Street and Furman along the waterfront for a proposed Trolley Museum and restoration project that has never happened. (He was also was the guy who found the first tunnel in NYC under Atlantic Ave.) He actually got some tracks built before the city pulled the plug. They have been left to deteriorate in back of Fairway since. Further ravaged by hurricane Sandy, their streamlined beauty remains.
As for Fairway – many were skeptical (and quite vocal) back when Fairway planned to open a store in Harlem. And then for their fourth store to be in industrial Red Hook, Brooklyn, well, people thought they were just plain nuts. But how could they resist the gorgeous waterfront with a view of the Statue of Liberty? The Red Hook location ended up being a diamond in the rough, having the advantage of space and size (the largest store at the time at 52,000 square feet), plus all of the qualities that made them a star in Manhattan – on premises-roasted coffee beans freshly ground to order, the largest artisanal cheese counter around, the best of the best deli and appetizing organic and natural foods at competitive prices, the highest quality USDA Prime Beef from their Butcher shop including our own USDA Prime dry-aged beef, the freshest seafood, the largest selection of daily-delivered produce, traditional groceries, kosher selections, and a made-from-scratch bakery. Oh, and the specialty imports – olive oils, exclusive artisanal oils and vinegars, tapenades and sauces, spreads to perfectly complement your perfect cheese, it’s the stuff you dream of. Red Hook is a one-stop-shop that holds a special place in the Fairway Market family of stores. The word ‘cavernous’ comes to mind – IT’S HUGE! !

With café seating for 50 and a waterfront view, Fairway Red Hook is a joy for people to come to shop and for lunch! Customers can set their carts aside, order a scrumptious meal, and in no time be sitting facing the Statue of Liberty having a nice chat with a friend. Surrounded by up-and-coming housing developments and an artist community, the Red Hook store has a unique opportunity to be involved with the community. They donated $30,000 to help rebuild the hurricane Sandy ravaged community. The store itself was completely wiped out inside – a total loss. But they are back stronger than ever in such a short time. Grab your flip flops, sun tan oil and go – – – to the supermarket!