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O, why don’t u call Chris Christie a few more x’s tonight to piss off Romney lol!

O, why don’t u call Chris Christie a few more x’s tonight to piss off Romney lol!

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Photo of the day: NEW YORK HALLOWEEN 2012

NEW YORK HALLOWEEN 2012: In a Photoshop world, we might have created the eerie surreal spooky landscape of New York City for great effect. It need not be done, this is real. Some say life must go on, others say in a place of devastation – to celebrate Halloween is sacrilegious. The world’s largest (3 million people) Halloween parade in Manhattan has been canceled for the first time in it’s 39 years. There are many neighborhoods where there are no houses, if there are houses – no sidewalks. If there are homes – no stores open to buy candy. If you are safe – the streets are currently not at night. With New York at it’s longest standstill in it’s entire history – you decide. Happy Halloween ~ in spirit.


Devastation in my New York neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens

Many of our street are impassible. Giant 85 year old trees barricade the lovely streets. Worries of fire engine and ambulance access grows as Tuesday comes to an end.


Taken from Long Island City, Queens. I braced myself against a cement bench to prevent myself from blowing away. United Nations, Trump Tower, Empire & Chrysler building in skyline.
See my YouTube video below:


WOMAN NARROWLY ESCAPES DEATH: She had meant to cut down that old dead tree in the front yard. But the expense was so great. It was on her ‘to-do’ list. Last night the old tree saved her life. A huge mighty 85 year old elm tree crashed toward her house and is merely resting on the entranceway, barricading her door shut,  because the old dead tree acted as a shield and saved her from being crushed in her home.
47th Street in Sunnyside, Queens.


“HURRICANE” GRACE HITS NEW YORK: Two days prior to mega storm Sandy hitting New York, the eye of hurricane Grace made a direct hit in Manhattan making landfall with her ironically called “Hurricane Tour”.  Fans surged to the legendary Roseland Ballroom to witness the tropical disturbance that is hurricane Grace Jones,  an energetic, tireless force to be reckoned with. Wave and after song wave flooded towards us as the pressure was rising in the vortex of the ballroom to shear squall levels. The tide of enthusiasm swelled to maximum strength leaving a path of fierce hits in Grace’s wake and ending with her song hit “Hurricane”. Forget Sandy – we’ve been hit by Grace !

Photo of the day: “Ladies and gentlemen – GRACE JONES!”

“Ladies and gentlemen . . . GRACE JONES!” : Thirty four years after the legendary performance of her 1978 concert at Roseland Ballroom, NYC – Grace Jones returned last night and gave what perhaps will go down as one of her most legendary concerts of her career. She has not changed a bit. At 64 years old she is an astoundingly fit statuesque Amazonian creature as she was then. When she asked “Who was here in 1978?” the roar in response was deafening. (I was there that night in 1978). The sold out concert crowd recreated the height of the atmosphere of the divine Studio 54 disco days. Extreme outfits were the norm. Glam, glitz, drag, shock and over the top seemed to be the order of the night.
Grace outdid herself for her die hard fans, even the Hammerstein Ballroom concert performance of July, 2009. She was more animated, loose, filled with naughty adlibs (Grace is obviously an oral sex fan). Roseland’s lighting crew was off their game for which Grace retorted with a flurry of quips, zingers and re-starts of her legendary disco and new wave songs. No dubbing, live for almost 2 hours! “Keepin’ it tight!” It was Grace unleashed.
Every move was a camera pose. Every gesture calculated to cause frenzy and cameras to go wild. She is still a fierce, angry, cocky sexual diva. Her legendary toned body is remarkable, her legs are longer than a Barbie doll’s, her ass firmer that a 30 year old. One of her songs was performed while consistently swirling a hula hoop around her waist and then while continually twirling and moving about the stage she introduced the band – constantly twirling! Lady Gaga, Britney, Madonna, Rhianna, Taylor Swift or any of the young acts today do not have the stamina of this remarkable icon. With a  hard pounding rock/reggae beat flavored with disco and new wave,  her mega hits did not dissapoint. Ironically called “The Hurricane Tour”, Grace ended in defiance singing “Hurricane” while huge fans blew her about on stage and whipped the crowd into an ecstatic frenzy! The aftermath of this hurricane = euphoria.

Photo of the day: TREE CLIMBING TURTLES !

TREE CLIMBING TURTLES!: I could not believe my eyes. I was photographing the lake at Heron’s Point in Central Park when I noticed this lovely shady cove. At first glance I saw the beautiful water and trees and was lulled by the tranquility of the scene. Then –  as my eye zoomed onto the main branch of the tree, there were two turtles marching up the tree! Who knew there are tree climbing turtles ! I love New York !


ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!? Bloomberg does NOT pay full fare on mass transit! That son-of-a-b. is the 10th richest man in this country, worth (at least what has been revealed) $25 billion. Yet he has chosen to have a reduced fare metro card!
WTF!??!?!!??!!!!! That speaks volumes. . .