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Archive for October 13, 2012

Photo of the day: GETTING SOME TAIL

GETTING SOME TAIL: The Nestle’s Quick bunny made an appearance at a local Greenwich Village fair recently. He was very adorable and bounced around and danced so much with the little kids that his tail came loose. His cameraman quickly alerted “Quick” and they tried to find a secluded corner over by the vegetables and flowers still being set up. That excited these two little girls who wanted to know if even chocolate bunnies really do love their carrots so much. The entire time they were so enchanted by Mr. Bunny that they were clueless that he was having his tail fixed.
“Ah, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I love carrots.”
“Ok, move it along kid.”
“Yeah, I’m gonna eat the carrots, in a minute, now give Mr, Bunny some privacy, move it along kid….”