Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.

Archive for October 3, 2012

From the gallery: FLY OVER

FLY OVER: Some of the best break dancers can be found in New York City’s Battery Park, entertaining ‘the troups/tourists’ by the hundreds as they come and go seeing the Statue of Liberty via ferry boat. They do incredible one hand stands, back flips and contortions but the ‘shows’ big finale is this ‘fly over’. They gather six people from the crowd, all sizes and line them up in a perfect row and ask them all to lean to the left and to the right alternately. Then with amazing speed and agility the lead dancer does a flip right over their heads! Can I get a standing ovation?

Photo of the day: COFFEE SHOP STILL LIFE

COFFEE SHOP STILL LIFE: Americana is the classic local coffee shop with the Coke machine, the cake tray bearing the last croissant, the classic pewter coffee shop water pitcher, the calculator to add the take-out order’s total. This little corner of Americana is the New Post Coffee Shop on Queens Blvd and 40th Street. It is comfort. Having stood still in time since the 1960’s, it is reassuring that the hectic pace of change can go away, just for that time you spend here. The classic ketchup bottle on the counter, those wonderful thick white coffee mugs, the cake trays with the plastic domes, the sizzle of the gridle, vinyl covered counter stools that twirl, laminate counters with plastic menus offering a wide variety of comfort food to make that awful boss, that annoying subway ride or that really bad day just go away.