Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.




Licensed New York Tour Guide

I want you to see life through my eyes.

As a young boy, I spent summers on the beach in Montauk. My mother taught me to look for the little treasured sea shells on the beach. I view the little daily moments – that glance, the off guard moment, the absurd, the shadowed light, the dark and humorous parts of life, as my little ‘sea shells’. My little found treasures, captured by my camera.

My great aunt, an opera singer for the Berlin Opera, taught me to observe people. We would just sit in Rockefeller Center or at the airport and just “observe”. Combined with my love for the camera, it all has come together.

Twenty-five years were spent as a commercial interior designer and space planner. 9/11 ended all our careers. I then went to work for MOMA, The Museum of Modern Art in their special services department, hosting the famous as they visited the museum…until their budget was cut. Using my love of New York, I became a licensed tour guide and started seeing New York and daily life anew. Touring through the city daily exhilarated me and the camera was my way of capturing it. It is now my passion.

My strong influences: Weegee, Edward Hopper’s “Night Hawks”, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, George Hurrell, the absolute genius of Al Hirschfeld, the graphics and advertising art of the magazines of the 1940’s through to the 1970’s, old Hollywood movie posters and of course – my imagination.

I have been published in The New York Daily News and Post,

The Wall Street Journal, Germany’s Das Bild, The London Daily Mail,

South Africa’s Nuu News as well as various web sites.

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