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The tropical breezes blow
The palm trees sway to and fro
As the piña coladas  flow
The city seems to glow.
For a luxurious tropical night in Manhattan visit 230 Fifth Avenue’s rooftop cocktail lounge. All sorts of palms trees and lush fauna in giant white wooden planters let you forget you are in The Big Apple, but take a look at the skyline view – and you see the best view of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, The Empire State Building and it’s surrounding skyscrapers. Sip your Mai tai as you watch the magic of Manhattan’s sunsets turn the skyline from blue to orange to red to irridescent blue as the light come on the skyline starts to glow! 230 FIFTH is the largest outdoor rooftop garden in New York City.
230 FIFTH has two floors, an outdoor rooftop as well as a fully enclosed (Penthouse Lounge) and private event rooms underneath, both with breathtaking views of the NYC skyline.  Their Rooftop Garden also has very large, oversize umbrellas for rainy days, or for very hot sunny days, they partially heat the rooftop in cooler months. 230 Fifth is a lounge that also offers a full food menu. Open every day, 365 days of the year to the general public from 4:00PM – 4:00AM. Saturday and Sunday Brunch from 10am-4pm.
Location: 230 FIFTH AVE corner 27th street on 5th Ave. 212-725-4300


CINDERELLA’S OTHER SHOES: I was passing Spitalfield’s boutique in Soho, during Fashion’s Night Out. There on the bright orange barricades in front of the store, was a single peacock blue suede shoe. Nowhere was the other shoe in sight.
I began to wonder: how did this lone show loose it’s partner? If you buy a fancy pair of heels – they come in a box. Many ladies cherish and keep that box. How could it fall out of the shopping bag? If a lady lost her shoe, at that heel’s height – wouldn’t you notice you’re missing a shoe? Your limp would be the clue!  Is there another Cinderella out there? Did Cinderella wear the blue gown for tonight instead of the white? What was the great hurry she was in?
So I planted myself behind the barricade and began the photograph the shoe. A few people noticed. Sadly, it was left alone, yearning for it’s chic mate. Cindy – your shoe is calling!


REFLECTION OF BERGDORF: Designer AKRIS, has designed the quintessential 111th year anniversary dress for Bergdorf Goodman and ‘Fashion’s Night Out’. It is has the appearance of a reflection of Bergdorf printed on to the dress. When admirers first stop by the window to marvel at the sleek design it isn’t at first noticed the matching cashmere coat has a mirror image of the store faintly lined inside.
The lines are 1950’s Audrey Hepburn classic! Flowing yet constructed, sheer elegance in the simplicity of the design, reflecting Bergdorf’s reputation of sophisticated chic.


FASHIONABLE IS FOREVER:  New York’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ grows bigger every year. It’s a cross between trick-or-treating of Halloween and a public fashion show. The city is a trendy madhouse with people texting each other as to which store has the best ‘treats’. As the event grows every year, there are the regulars. You find yourself looking for the painted topless woman, the guy with the 9 inch platforms, the Elton look-alike, the many cross dressers, the trendy hip teens….and these two.
I spotted them last year outside Bergdorf Goodman (one of the best shows in town) and this year I came across them inside the store. “May I photograph you?” “Yes sure!! So many photograph us and we never know where they wind up” – well here they are making there annual trek and paying homage to Bergdorf’s.
Always fiercely dressed and coifed, once again I am reminded of Edie Beale of Grey Gardens. They slowly make their way through the store, always stopping to buy ‘one little thing.’ Mom wheels herself through on her own, usually racing ahead of her daughter, ogling at all the amazing displays. As they catch up to each other I had to capture the moment, proving some things are forever. .

From the gallery: A TOUCH OF TIFFANY

A TOUCH OF TIFFANY: This black Venus graced the main entrance of Tiffany for Fashion’s Night Out 2011.
Her features sublime and the elegance of a gazelle. Decked out in Tiffany from head to toe. A glance of warm elegance graces the camera lens. Venus ascends.

Photo of the day: MODEL SEARCH

MODEL SEARCH: While this model in Soho searches to make sure she has all her last minute accessories, the great model search in Manhattan is done for the moment. All the models for tonight’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ have been booked. Walking around New York City the last few days is like walking through a music video  set. Everywhere you see picture perfect models who have arrived here for the big event tonight that turns Manhattan into a madhouse fashion festival!


LYPSINKA TAKES MANHATTAN: In preparation for 2011’s Fashion’s Night Out Event, lip synch artist extrodinaire Lypsinka poses in Bergdorf Goodman’s windows on Fifth Avenue for her fashion shoot to accentuate the glamour of the event. Appropriately Tiffany, where Lypsinka has just spent the afternoon shopping, is reflected in the glass.
This year’s event is on Thursday, September 6.