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FASHIONABLE IS FOREVER:¬† New York’s ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ grows bigger every year. It’s a cross between trick-or-treating of Halloween and a public fashion show. The city is a trendy madhouse with people texting each other as to which store has the best ‘treats’. As the event grows every year, there are the regulars. You find yourself looking for the painted topless woman, the guy with the 9 inch platforms, the Elton look-alike, the many cross dressers, the trendy hip teens….and these two.
I spotted them last year outside Bergdorf Goodman (one of the best shows in town) and this year I came across them inside the store. “May I photograph you?” “Yes sure!! So many photograph us and we never know where they wind up” – well here they are making there annual trek and paying homage to Bergdorf’s.
Always fiercely dressed and coifed, once again I am reminded of Edie Beale of Grey Gardens. They slowly make their way through the store, always stopping to buy ‘one little thing.’ Mom wheels herself through on her own, usually racing ahead of her daughter, ogling at all the amazing displays. As they catch up to each other I had to capture the moment, proving some things are forever. .

From the gallery: DOWNHILL RACER

DOWNHILL RACER: The Summer Streets Program of New York City closes down nearly seven miles of main thoroughfares 3 Saturdays in a row each August. It is one of the best people watching events in town. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents come out to enjoy places like Park Avenue free of traffic.
One of the best spots to view people is in the Park Avenue viaduct underneath the Helmsley building adjacent to Grand Central Station. You enter on 40th Street and rise up the ‘bridge’ to approach Grand Central Station looming above you, circle around and then enter the Park Avenue viaduct underneath the Helmsley building as it empties out onto the ritziest part of Park Avenue and it’s 1960’s architectural marvels followed by the ‘well to do of upper Park Avenue’.
You turn the corner and zoom downhill ‘towards the light’.
So I parked myself there along the curb for a while and photographed the reactions of the people marveling at the view and speeding up as they rapidly descend down the ramp. Bicyclists, joggers, bicycles-built-for-two, strollers, scooters, unicycles, tricycles, skateboards, roller skaters, race walkers, stilt walkers pass by Рand then she came around the corner. This Edie Beale like figure from Grey Gardens in her wheelchair, stoically racing downhill. My day was made.