Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.



Photo of the day: WEDNESDAY ADDAMS LIVES! –  Do ~not~ cross her for she is ruler of her garden! Don’t let her lace dress fool you, or the innocent face – she wields her mighty sharp sword and is deadly serious. Keep out unless asked! Photos by permission only, her’s is the only permission that rules . . . and she means it.
“Wednesday” is really seven year old Brady Allen Egan.  Brady Allen born on Labor Day 2005 is an older earnest spirit inside a young girl’s body. Last year she asked everybody to bring kids shoes for her birthday party instead of presents and she donated them to  President Clinton’s Rotararian project. For this years 8th birthday, Brady will ask for donations to be made to President Clinton’s AIDS foundation. She also donated her hair about amonth ago and that’s why she has such a chic short bob. Brady loves, loves animals, she has a cat and a dog, both rescues, and Brady is always outside playing with them to make them happy. She walks to school every day, her parents do not have a car and in her home of Pleasantville, Long Island they don’t have school busses. So, every morning with a determined gate, she heads off to become the future ruler of the world. What does this selfless ballet and soccer player want to be when she finally reaches 21 – a veterinarian. Until then, careful if you see her – she means business!

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