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Photo of the day: THE POPE HAS A YARD SALE


Photo of the day: POPE HAS YARD SALE – If men of clergy – popes, pastors, priests are called ‘men of the cloth’ . . . then this should be one helluva sale! My question is, what will they be wearing next season?!

Photo of the day: THE PINK HAT GOES HOME

THE PINK HAT GOES HOME: Grandmother had made strawberry pie, her favorite. Her sister’s children loved the gifts she brought from back home. The Sunday church sermon was a roof raiser. She proudly wore her best new outfit with the pink hat for the church social. Sunday dinner was prepared together – like they used to.
But now Monday morning has come, and she has to leave early for that long ride back. With a bag of goodies from grammy in one hand and tightly gripping the handle of her fine red bag with the other, she makes her way proudly through Times Square to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the pink hat goes home.