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Photo of the day: THE PINK HAT GOES HOME

THE PINK HAT GOES HOME: Grandmother had made strawberry pie, her favorite. Her sister’s children loved the gifts she brought from back home. The Sunday church sermon was a roof raiser. She proudly wore her best new outfit with the pink hat for the church social. Sunday dinner was prepared together – like they used to.
But now Monday morning has come, and she has to leave early for that long ride back. With a bag of goodies from grammy in one hand and tightly gripping the handle of her fine red bag with the other, she makes her way proudly through Times Square to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the pink hat goes home.

Photo of the day: BARBEQUE!

BARBEQUE!: Some of the hardest workers, in some of the poorest and worst conditions of the auto parts district of Willets Point, Queens, New York, enjoy a well deserved Labor Day weekend barbeque! A steak isn’t something they can usually afford, so there is just one steak on the grill amongst the hot dogs, they’ll share the steak.
Notice the “Willets Point Playground” sign on the upper right – Willets Point currently has no sidewalks or sewers. In times of heavy rain, flooding is common. The area is very industrial and is filled with auto repair shops, scrap yards, waste processing sites. (More photos and stories to follow by Hans Von Rittern).

From the gallery: LABOR DAY

HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND!: Dedicated to the hard work that made and still makes this country great.
Every once in a while you will find this incredible sculpture towering on top of a pick-up truck in Times Square. It replicates the famous photograph of the iron workers taking  a lunch break atop the Chrysler Building in 1930. The sculpture is made by a Broadway theatre set designer who will also sell miniature versions of this to the tourists. Thanks to fellow blogger Candy Lopez Galas, I have found the artist’s web site. He is Sergio Furnari. The photo here seemed appropriate for this Labor Day weekend.