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THE UMBRELLAS OF BRYANT PARK: Even the rain cannot dampen the beauty of Bryant Park. The paths scattered with forest green folding chairs and matching tables, create the feeling of a French allee with the lovers waiting to return when the rain has stopped. Grab your umbrella, take a stroll through the puddles, let your mind wander as you let the colors paint your thoughts.

Scored a photo in the New York Post today!


New York Post


Naked gal gets deal on a suit: 15G for Times Sq. bust


Last Updated: 7:44 AM, September 4, 2012
N.Y. Post: William C Lopez

Han Von Rittern

NOW BUY SOME CLOTHES! Zoe West, busted for stripping down during a body-painting exhibition in Times Square last year has won a settlement in her false-arrest lawsuit.

A nude model busted for dropping her drawers during a body-painting exhibition in Times Square has scored a $15,000 payout from red-faced city officials.

Zoe West, 22, plans to settle her false-arrest lawsuit today after getting a signed offer last week, says her lawyer, Ron Kuby.

“The beauty of New York City is a naked girl can win a nice suit,” Kuby quipped.

The civil-rights lawyer said cops never should have arrested West because “public nudity is legal in New York City as long as it’s done for purposes of a performance, exhibition or show.”

“Given the police idiocy, one wonders where the boobs really are,” he said.

“In order to determine that she was fully nude, you had to get much closer to her than most people get on a first date,” he noted.

West was arrested following an Aug. 30, 2011, “full-body” painting exhibition at the Crossroads of World.

After having nearly every inch of her 5-foot-2 frame covered in color, West doffed her G-string for the final strokes. But just as artist Andy Golub was finishing, cops arrived and a “visibly unnerved” Sgt. Anthony Fusaro told West he had to “bring her in,” her Manhattan federal court suit says.

She was hauled off to a police van wearing nothing but a pair of metal handcuffs.

At the Midtown South precinct house, several cops “gawked at her” for 15 minutes before she was allowed to dress and was patted down by a female cop, the suit says.

She was released without charges two hours later.

West said she had no regrets, because the cops “weren’t abusive or anything like that” and the exposure has “put me on the map in a positive way.”

“I went out on a limb to do something that I thought was a good project, and it was pretty successful and pretty exciting,” she said.

Since then, she has landed a role in an “interactive” murder-mystery play in upstate Woodstock along with other modeling projects — although “nothing quite as ostentatious” as the Times Square gig. She’s now preparing to move to Manhattan from upstate Kingston.

West said she didn’t have any plans for the settlement money but would likely “put it away” for the future.

Golub, who has made a career out of painting bodies and objects including cars, food trucks and handbags, called West’s settlement a “fair” deal.

“I definitely felt bad that she was arrested, and I feel it’s good that she stood up for her rights,” he said.

The city Law Department declined to comment.


Photo of the day: THE PINK HAT GOES HOME

THE PINK HAT GOES HOME: Grandmother had made strawberry pie, her favorite. Her sister’s children loved the gifts she brought from back home. The Sunday church sermon was a roof raiser. She proudly wore her best new outfit with the pink hat for the church social. Sunday dinner was prepared together – like they used to.
But now Monday morning has come, and she has to leave early for that long ride back. With a bag of goodies from grammy in one hand and tightly gripping the handle of her fine red bag with the other, she makes her way proudly through Times Square to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and the pink hat goes home.