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Photo of the day: NEVER FORGET

NEVER FORGET: Every Sept. 11, St Paul’s Church is covered with remembrances of 9/11. St. Paul’s church is quite old, it was built in 1766, it was George Washington’s church – his pew is still inside. It is also right across the street from the former World Trade Center Towers. On the day of the attack, the air pressure of the buildings collapsing and the flying debris damages all the buildings in a three block circumference. Windows were blown out, wall smashed in, roofs destroyed.  The church was buried under two feet of ash and debris.
But this little church, old as it is, right across the street from the WTC didn’t have one crack in the glass nor one crack in the stone. So, whether you’re religious or not – there’s something to it, this little church remained untouched, all the other buildings were damaged. The red cross workers dug their way to the church and set up headquarters for the rescue workers in side the church for their food and sleep, this was their home for many months. There is even a children’s book written about it by author and mother A.B. Curtis, based on a poem she wrote for her children called “The Little Chapel That Stood”.