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Archive for September 12, 2012

From the gallery: NEW YORKERS ROCK

NEW YORKERS ROCK: One of the tiles at ‘Tiles for America’ says it all!

Photo of the day: JUST ONE MORE DAY . . .

ONE MORE DAY…: That is all we ask for after 9/11 today. For another peaceful day, loved ones nearby, the routine of life to go on. This is what this tile at ‘Tiles For America’ asks for. It, and hundreds of tiles more, were created in Sept. 2001 by the school children in the Greenwich Village neighborhood and by people from around the world, then hung on the public fence opposite St. Vincent’s Hospital, the hospital that was the first to take in the 9/11 victims. Outside the hospital, by the fence is where hundreds and hundreds of people waited for word of their loved one’s hopeful arrival at the over 100 year old hospital. The tiles were meant to console the survivors.
It has an ironic double meaning today, because this first memorial created anywhere in the USA, is slated to be demolished this Thursday by our greedy mayor Bloomberg and nasty councilwoman Christine Quinn. Therefore citizen volunteers from across the city will come tomorrow to take the tiles down and help preserve them until we find a place to display them again. Just one more day . . .