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Archive for September 5, 2012

From the gallery: WARHOL’S CAMPELL SOUP 1962 – 2012


Photo of the day: WARHOL COMES TO TARGÉ

WARHOL COMES TO TARGÉ: Now you can buy soup in style! In a move to boost sales, Cambpell’s soup is selling Andy Warhol style soup cans for just .75 cents. There are four color combinations and just 1 million cans have been produced. As soon as I heard they were being released on Sunday, Sept. 2nd, the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s Campell’s soup can 1962 painting, I naturally rushed to my nearest Targé to stock up.
I stood by and watched the phenomena of Warhol in Targé as the people walked by. I was curious, who in Archie Bunker’s Queens would buy?? I waited. Most walked by, looked curiously and didn’t get it. Who did? The Japanese. In my unscientific observation of only one hour’s observation, it was Japanese, young hipsters and gays that very intently checked each can on the shelf until they felt satisfied they had secured the ‘best’ cans. Naturally, I did the same 🙂
So…for those of you looking to invest in your future, the investment costs you just less than a dollar!
(Of course – you have to hope, that at least half a million of those cans, or hopefully more, will be bought by unknowing Americans, who will just take a can opener to the can, gulp down that veltvety red soup and throw out the can. So, start dumpster diving for the labels or just spend the .75 cents.)