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Mondays on Memory Lane: 1987 JOAN COLLINS SELLS HER PANTIES AT MAXIM’S – Torrid headline, but true. Joan has added her name to many products over the years and in 1987 she launched a line of lingerie, promoted by SanMark Stardust and it was sold in stores such as Jordan Marsh, Emporium and Bon Marche, as well as K-Mart, Target and Shop-co. A diverse range of items were produced including ranges of sleepwear, lounge-wear and day-wear, in colors ranging from Red to Black and of course Pink. The line sold for between $8 to $35 and Joan appeared in print and TV ads to promote the line. The big launch party was at posh Maxim’s. Sadly after it’s fall launch and good sales it was gone by the following summer. (Maxim’s was only open in New York from 1985 to 2000).
Joan Collins lingerie promo

Joan Collins lingerie promo

Joan was still at the height of the Dynasty craze which ran from 1981 to 1989, I was a rabid, addicted die-hard fan, forget Dallas! Dy-Nasty had bitchy, dressy, classy Joan Collins! I have (somewhere buried) every episode on VHS tape, with the commercials!).
Joan and family

Joan and family

So – when it was announced Joan was launching her lingerie line at legendary Parisian bistro Maxim’s on Park Avenue in  New York, I had to go! By great luck, a co-worker of mine at the time had a press pass he let me borrow, and I wound up having front row access to  Joan. I have about 3 dozen photos of the event.
Tomorrow night 26 years later, Joan Collins is making a very rare one night appearance with her one woman life story show at BB King’s Jazz Club on 42nd Street in New York. Despite the fact that it will be election night, my good friend Susan Godwin (who worships Joan) and I are running to see her. Hopefully she will sign some of my memorabilia!

From the gallery: WARHOL’S CAMPELL SOUP 1962 – 2012


Photo of the day: WARHOL COMES TO TARGÉ

WARHOL COMES TO TARGÉ: Now you can buy soup in style! In a move to boost sales, Cambpell’s soup is selling Andy Warhol style soup cans for just .75 cents. There are four color combinations and just 1 million cans have been produced. As soon as I heard they were being released on Sunday, Sept. 2nd, the 50th anniversary of Warhol’s Campell’s soup can 1962 painting, I naturally rushed to my nearest Targé to stock up.
I stood by and watched the phenomena of Warhol in Targé as the people walked by. I was curious, who in Archie Bunker’s Queens would buy?? I waited. Most walked by, looked curiously and didn’t get it. Who did? The Japanese. In my unscientific observation of only one hour’s observation, it was Japanese, young hipsters and gays that very intently checked each can on the shelf until they felt satisfied they had secured the ‘best’ cans. Naturally, I did the same 🙂
So…for those of you looking to invest in your future, the investment costs you just less than a dollar!
(Of course – you have to hope, that at least half a million of those cans, or hopefully more, will be bought by unknowing Americans, who will just take a can opener to the can, gulp down that veltvety red soup and throw out the can. So, start dumpster diving for the labels or just spend the .75 cents.)