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Photo of the day: “YOU GOTTA HAVE FREUNDE/FRIENDS” – Meet 40 more of my new friends from all over Germany! This was “group #2” that I took  all over town for the Christmas holidaze.
Isn’t funny how in every tour group there are always certain types: the ones who HAVE to sit up front in the bus “or I’ll get sick”, the permanently befuddled, your instant best friend, the camera buff, the person who constantly sez “I saw this when I was here last time”, the note taker, the spendthrift, the shopaholic and of course – the know it all. I will not reveal who is who . . . but they’re all there, and I love ’em all.



Photo of the day: MEET 35 OF MY NEW FRIENDS FROM ALL OVER GERMANY – I spent 5 days showing them New York through my eyes. From picking them up at the airport and showing them Manhattan for the first time as we drove down Fifth Avenue, to my full up and downtown tours including, of course, a visit to the Empire State Building. Their last full day is spent shopping. I chose either uptown Macy*s or downtown SOHO. I felt like Santa – so many had their special requests: “Where can I find a wooden train?” “I need Levis jeans.” “Where is the Harley Davidson store?” “Does Tiffany carry charm bracelets?” Hansanta answered all thier wishes.
I went with the SOHO group and those who weren’t so eager to shop got a walking tour with me of the Brooklyn Bridge, the stock market on Wall Street, the Trade Center and St. Paul’s Church. Topped off by a subway ride back to SOHO. German’s on their first New Yawk subway ride is a hoot – like little kiddies in an amusement park!
Here we are on our last day, all big smiles on our way to the airport. The next group is just 4 days away….

Touching email from a German guest mourning the loss of 5 Pointz

Karin Glietz-Rothsprack

Karin Glietz-Rothsprack

Touching translation of an email from a German guest:
Dear Hans von Rittern,
On the occasion of a cruise with the AIDA BELLA/Harlem Spirituals, we visited New York, on Nov.2.2013 and we were lucky enough to take a city tour “Complete Brooklyn”  with you as a city guide. My view of New York became changed by your affectionate and competent guidance. You led us to the graffiti museum at the end of the excursion. What a sight, a factory, in a dreary trade settlement, with miraculous pictures, in all different conceivable style kinds and colors. Enthusiastically I have taken photos so many pictures as possible and even have bought one more T-shirt. I have carried these photos home and have shared them, also the T-shirt has brought a lot of joys. Now I have found out on-line from “Der Spiegel” (Germany’s ‘Time’ magazine)  that the pictures were destroyed by painting over them. This has made me very sad, and the many other people who love this art. We are outraged and feel with you and the many involved and the artists. We will preserve our photos as a treasure and provide for the fact that these pieces of art are shown over and over again, so live on. I embrace you and wish you a lot of strength and courage. With many dear greetings,
Karin Glietz-Rothsprack

From: karin.glietz@gmail.com To: hansvonrittern@aol.com Sent: 11/20/2013 6:23:53 A.M. Eastern Standard Time Subj: 5pointz

Lieber Hans von Rittern,
anlässlich einer Kreuzfahrt mit der AIDA BELLA, besuchten wir New York, am 12.11.2013 hatten wir das Glück eine Stadtrundfahrt
“Brooklyn komplett” mit Ihnen als Stadtführer zu unternehmen.
Meine Sicht auf New York wurde durch Ihre liebevolle und kompetente Führung eine andere.
Zum Ende der Exkursion führten Sie uns zum Graffiti Museum. Welch ein Anblick, eine Fabrik, in einer tristen Gewerbesiedlung, mit wunderbaren Bildern, in allen nur erdenklichen Stilarten und Farben.
Begeistert habe ich soviel Bilder-wie möglich- fotografiert und zum Abschluss noch ein T-Shirt gekauft.
Ich habe diese Fotos nach Hause getragen und weiter gegeben, ebenso das T-Shirt, welches sehr viel Freude bereitet hat.
Nun habe ich durch Spiegel Online erfahren, dass die Bilder durch das Übermalen zerstört wurden.
Das hat mich sehr traurig gemacht, mit mir viele andere Menschen, die diese Kunst lieben.
Wir sind empört und fühlen mit Ihnen und den vielen Engagierten und Künstlern.
Wir werden die Bilder- wie einen Schatz bewahren- und dafür sorgen, dass diese Kunstwerke immer wieder gezeigt werden, so weiterleben.
Ich umarme Sie und wünsche Ihnen viel Kraft und Mut.
Mit vielen lieben Grüßen
Karin Glietz-Rothsprack