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Postcard stories from New York: HOTEL NEW YORKER 1943

Hotel New Yorker 1943

Hotel New Yorker 1943

Today launches a new series called “Postcard Stories from New York”. Each week I will feature a vintage postcard sent to a loved one from the Big Apple New York City. Let’s see what thread they will weave over time. Here is the premier card:

Postcard of the Week – HOTEL NEW YORKER 1943
Description:  Hotel New Yorker, 34th Street at 8th Avenue. Private tunnel to Pennsylvania Station. 2,500 rooms, each with a radio, both tub
and shower, servidor and circulating ice water. Four popular priced restaurants.
Dancing nightly in the Terrace Restaurant. Rates from $3.85 a day.
To: Miss Marion J. Peters
1708 N. Harvard St.
Arlington, VA
March 28, 1943
Dear Marion,
This weekend has been lots of fun but it would have been more fun if you had been along. Saw “Junior Miss”* yesterday and wandered up and down Fifth Ave. Jane & Forest went bus riding. I’ll hate to see them leave this afternoon – but think what I’ll get in their place – oh joy? Take good care of J.B. + R.H.S. for me,
Love, Jane
* “Junior Miss” was a Broadway comedy playing at the Majestic Theater.

To: Miss Marion J. Peters

To: Miss Marion J. Peters

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