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Archive for December 16, 2012

Photo of the day: SANTACON CABY


SANTACON CABY: Yesterday approximately 22,000 Santas of all types and styles descended on New York for the annual Santacon celebration.
There was fat Santa, tall Santa, dirty old man Santa, naughty Santa, Grinch Santa, baby Santa, zombie Santa, flasher Santa, disco Santa, leather Santa, biker Santa, gay Santa, Star Wars Santa, pimp Santa, punk Santa, hippie Santa and endless more elves and Mrs. Claus’s to match !
It is sort of a flash mob idea. The secret meeting place is only revealed on Facebook and Twitter shortly before the day of Santacon and they all meet in mass and create a huge sea of red. Imagine Christmas shopping in New York and all of a sudden the streets are  filled with Santas as far as they eye can see. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate because I had to give a tour, but here is your average scene yesterday: Buses full of Santas, subways full of Santas, bars full of Santas, cabs full of Santas – ho – ho – ho ! ! !