Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.



These are the two sisters of The Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta here in New York City. They have met Al a homeless man, just off Broadway. I quickly photographed them since I don’t recall seeing the Mother Teresa garb in our streets before. As I got closer the conversation went something like this:
Sisters: Please don’t photograph us. Why are you photographing us?
Me: Because it was a beautiful moment.
Al: Are you famous?
Me: No, I’m just a blogging photographer.
Al: You sure you’re not famous, because I know a lot of famous people.
Sisters: Well Al, it was a pleasure talking with you, we have to be going now…
Al: Hey sisters! I didn’t get you telephone number.
The sisters and I looked at each other.
Al: Mister, you sure you’re not famous? Where can I see your photos, are they in my stuff here? I got all kinds of books here, I found ’em. Let me get your email so when I become famous we can email each other and I can get your pictures of me and the sisters here.
Sisters: Al, how can you email if this is your home?
Al: I can send brainwaves, they’re just like emails.
The sisters and I look at each other again.
Sisters: It was so nice to meet you Al, God bless you. Let me give you this card, it was blessed by Mother Teresa herself, and this medal too.
One of the sisters opens a tin to reveal dozens of tiny little medals, all supposedly blessed by Mother Teresa herself. She kisses the medal and the card and hands them to Al.
Al: I gotta look this Teresa up. Hey Mister, you famous? No seriously, give your email.
I gave him an email which just might have been a few digits off…
Sisters: Bless you my son too, here please take one of these blessed medals from Mother Teresa too.
Al: I thought I was the only one getting a medal?
Sisters: They are meant for all good people.
Al: Hey! I know lots of famous people!
I took my card and medal, and graciously thanked the sisters. We then made our excuses and went on our separate ways, me wondering if I would be getting any brainwaves from Al soon. To this moment, they haven’t arrived yet 🙂

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