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Archive for November 6, 2012

My 86 year old mother stood in line proudly and voted!

This is 86 year old Ursula Von Rittern, my mother. She immigrated to this country from war torn Germany¬†after WWII and settled in NYC. She has voted with an absentee ballot for the past ten years so she doesn’t have to stand in the long lines. “This year I am voting in person dammit, no matter how long I have to stand in the cold, this is too critically important!” So – we did! GO MOM!
Note the black folding chair in one hand and her cane in the other, she came prepared!




ELECTION CAMPAIGN: “Election Protection – If your candidate doesn’t win, don’t worry. Here’s your chance to get out of the country with a free flight.” Jet Blue’s clever New York subway campaign.
With voter suppression disgustingly prevalent in so many states as if this was 100 years ago, all I can say is VOTE = VOTE = VOTE !¬† Democracy & freedom first! Most of you know which candidate I want to win, but if you will not be happy with the way things turn out in the next four years, the first and foremost question you should be asked is “did you vote?”. If your answer is ‘no’, you have no right to speak for the next four years, period. V O T E !