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Archive for November 5, 2012

Photo of the day: IT’S GETTING DARK SO EARLY – Top 10 reasons you know daylight savings time is over

IT’S GETTING DARK SO EARLY: Top ten reasons you know daylight savings time is over.
1.You look up from your computer and all of a sudden it seems like midnight!
2. Your stomach growls at 6pm.
3. The time on none of the electric gadgets in your house matches.
4. You all of a sudden realize you don’t know where the instructions are for that new watch.
5. How DO you reset the time on this thing?!
6. You rely on the only correct time in the house, your TV and cell phone.
7. Your dog wants to go walkies earlier than usual.
8. All your friends seem to sign off earlier than usual on Facebook.
9. It seems like you’ve wasted the whole day at work since it’s dark when you go home.
10. You reallllly have to keep your eyes open to watch Leno or Letterman.