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Photo of the day: “WANNA SMOKE SOME WEED?”

“YOU WANNA SMOKE SOME WEED?”: It was yet another afternoon in¬†Bryant park with her daycare giver. The same bench, the same people walking by with their same lunch, the birds are hungry as usual. It’s just another ordinary day. Then Thelma read the election results reporting marijuana had been legalized – that finally broke the monotony of the day! “You wanna smoke some weed?” she asked. Her nurse, (let’s call her Louise) explained it was only legal in certain states like Washington and Colorado. That was Thelma’s buzz kill to what might have been a really fine afternoon, “damn!”.


TWO GENERATIONS CHANGE THE COURSE OF AMERICA: My mom Ursula Von Rittern 86, and Hans Von Rittern (me, almost) 57 stood in line for two hours in the cold to exercise our right to have our voices heard. We voted! This morning we can breathe a sigh of relief. Because of all your kind words of support yesterday, I thought I would post a (self taken) close-up of the two of us on line. Ursula was overwhelmed at yesterday’s response and was gleeful and humbled that she got so many ‘likes’. “You made me famous” she giggled. We thank you all! XOXO

My 86 year old mother stood in line proudly and voted!

This is 86 year old Ursula Von Rittern, my mother. She immigrated to this country from war torn Germany¬†after WWII and settled in NYC. She has voted with an absentee ballot for the past ten years so she doesn’t have to stand in the long lines. “This year I am voting in person dammit, no matter how long I have to stand in the cold, this is too critically important!” So – we did! GO MOM!
Note the black folding chair in one hand and her cane in the other, she came prepared!