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DINNERTIME FOR OSCAR!: This is ‘Oscar’ my (sort of) pet squirrel. He is named Oscar because he showed up on my 3rd floor windowsill about 5 years ago on the night of The Academy Awards. I have been leaving him a peanut on the windowsill every morning for breakfast ever since then. There is also a water dish (I have blogged about before) on the fire escape for him to drink from.
At sunset yesterday I heard a scratching at my window. Oscar was still hungry. I opened the window just a bit and his whiskery nose poked in and busily sniffed about. ‘There must be peanuts around here somewhere! I know he’s got ’em!’
Well, after four peanuts Oscar was finally well satisfied. He did take a fifth peanut and ‘hid’ it in the  fire escape stairs for tomorrow morning.
A funny Oscar anecdote: One summer I had forgotten I had left the window open and I am sitting in my office and all of a sudden hear some crunching.  I come into the living room and there was Oscar sitting on a nearby bookcase with a pile of peanut shells all around him. It was the funniest sight! Of course it went so lightning quick I didn’t have a chance to grab my camera then, but today I did. Hmmm, maybe tomorrow it’ll be walnuts

From the gallery: THE WATER HOG

THE WATER HOG: This was the scene outside my window the other afternoon. A frustrated little sparrow kept waiting his turn for a sip of water, but this fat pigeon wouldn’t move out of the water dish. I have this dish set up so that the birds and squirrels always have some crucial water to drink. In the summer months I have to refill it twice a day. Most birds come for their morning and afternoon drink and socialize on my fire escape. My local squirrel (dubbed Oscar) receives an unsalted peanut every day. So we were a happy little bunch till this fat pigeon showed up the other day. He/she apparently thinks it is their personal sitz bath. This poor little sparrow kept coming back again and again, hopping around the dish to just get that one little sip while the pigeon contently contemplated life with it’s eyes closed, resting in the water dish.
Can you just imagine the conversation?:
“Ah, hey bud, you about finished in there?”
“Hey bud?!”
“You’re not going to fart in there on anything like that are you? I mean you’re just sitting there, right? No pooping either right?”
“Hey! It’s our water dish too and my other sparrow friends are gonna come in a minute and, and, and – well, we’ll come and stare at your rude self!”
“Hey, you even listening?”
“Gee! Peep, peep!”
Nothing, the pigeon just keeps it’s eyes closed till sundown when it finally stretched it’s wings, waddled over to the edge of the fire escape and flew off to his condo somewhere nearby. Another day in Sunnyside, Queens, 3rd floor.