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Photo of the day: CHOOSING MEAT (my first 2010 photo)

September 26, 2010.

September 26, 2010.

Photo of the day: CHOOSING MEAT – This was my first ‘photo of the day’ (called ‘Unique New York’ then), posted on Facebook on September 26, 2010. She was dressed just right in her Perdue yellow outfit as she went scrutinizing the yellow Perdue chicken department at the now defunct Sunnyside supermarket. In a way, she was what started it all. I had just gotten a new Nikon camera and felt like I could capture the world. It was so easy – open your eyes and…click đŸ™‚

From the gallery: CHOOSING MEAT

CHOOSING MEAT: Some people are adept at hunting in the forest, some people are adept at fishing in the sea, some people are adept at trolling for Perdue chickens in the aisles of the local supermarket.