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Photo of the day: CHOOSING MEAT (my first 2010 photo)

September 26, 2010.

September 26, 2010.

Photo of the day: CHOOSING MEAT – This was my first ‘photo of the day’ (called ‘Unique New York’ then), posted on Facebook on September 26, 2010. She was dressed just right in her Perdue yellow outfit as she went scrutinizing the yellow Perdue chicken department at the now defunct Sunnyside supermarket. In a way, she was what started it all. I had just gotten a new Nikon camera and felt like I could capture the world. It was so easy – open your eyes and…click đŸ™‚



HOW MUCH IS THAT DOGGIE IN THE BASKET?: This is Madison the Scottish Terrier, she is very comfy being taken for a ride in her Duane Reade shopping basket. Madison was coasting along Third Avenue and 32nd Street, lovingly pulled by her owner Bernice (Bernie, as she prefers to be called). “Madison is only a one block errand dog, today we are on a three block errand, she doesn’t do three blocks.”
When I bent down to get a close-up of Madison’s adorable face and noticed the cart marked ‘Please do not remove from store’, Madison seemed to be saying ‘Hey, I didn’t steal this thing, Bernie made me do it!’
Bernie is a retired architect who at one time lived on Park Avenue, “but those were the good times, I live in this neighborhood now.” I could relate to that. It turns out were are both Nikon enthusiasts, except Bernie still shoots with a traditional film camera. She reminisced about her old days and said when she looks at some of the big architectural projects she had done she thinks “my god, did I really do that?” Bernie lit up when she talked about the past. We started to say our goodbyes and Bernie said “well I have to get home to Lexington.” “Great,” I said, “you’ve only got one more block to go.” “No,” Bernie answered, “that’s my other dog.” I smiled broadly, you see, Lexington and Madison happen to be major avenues here in New York.
DSC_6896X DSC_6879X
As I walked away I started to wonder, exactly when did Bernie figure out Madison and the cart are a perfect fit? Doesn’t matter, they are both happy (except for Duane Reade of course).
(Duane Reade is our giant drug store chain here in NYC.)