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Photo of the day: 1973’s poem “THE SEA”

"The Sea", 1973

“The Sea”, 1973

Photo of the day: THE SEA – Part of Mondays on Memory Lane, a few weeks ago I found my junior high school poetry project from 1973 (see last Monday’s post for the story) called “Reflections on My World”. There are twelve poems, here is the second “The Sea”.
Oh great and almighty sea!
How I wonder what lies down
beneath your dark and murky depths.
You hold the secrets of the earth –
the creator of life.
Majestic in your vast greatness –
beautiful in your shallows –
lighting up the hearts of many.
Bearing the wonders of the sea
exotic fish of all colors
there for me to see,
your endless waves rolling into our minds.
Oh God! How I hope we will never
destroy you!