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Photo of the day: GASPING FOR ART


Photo of the day: GASPING FOR ART – This is one of the brilliant works of art on display at the “Whitewash” exhibit currently featuring artists and photographers honoring the memory and tragedy of 5 Pointz Graffiti and Street Art Museum, brilliantly curated by Marie Cecile Flaguel.
“Gasping for Art” is by SEE TF aka Carlos who is an incredibly gifted artist with many sensibilities. This timeless piece evokes images of the Fritz Lang film classic ‘Metropolis’ to images of World Wars I & II in its haunting yet futuristic imagery. Check him out! Prepare to be knocked out by an entire gallery filled with such great art and even someĀ of my photography. The Jeffrey Leder Gallery: 2137 45th Road, L.I.C. Open 12noon – 6pm.