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Photo of the day: GASPING FOR ART


Photo of the day: GASPING FOR ART – This is one of the brilliant works of art on display at the “Whitewash” exhibit currently featuring artists and photographers honoring the memory and tragedy of 5 Pointz Graffiti and Street Art Museum, brilliantly curated by Marie Cecile Flaguel.
“Gasping for Art” is by SEE TF aka Carlos who is an incredibly gifted artist with many sensibilities. This timeless piece evokes images of the Fritz Lang film classic ‘Metropolis’ to images of World Wars I & II in its haunting yet futuristic imagery. Check him out! Prepare to be knocked out by an entire gallery filled with such great art and even some of my photography. The Jeffrey Leder Gallery: 2137 45th Road, L.I.C. Open 12noon – 6pm.

Photo of the day: MERELY THE BEGINNING!! APRIL 5, 2014, Hans in “Whitewash” exhibit!

Jeffrey Leder Gallery    2137 45th Rd. Long Island City, NY 11101   jeffrey@jeffreyledergallery.com

Jeffrey Leder Gallery 2137 45th Rd. Long Island City, NY 11101 jeffrey@jeffreyledergallery.com

Photo of the day: MERELY THE BEGINNING! APRIL 5, 2014 – I am incredibly proud and joyful to announce I am one of 11 artists asked to be a part of this important exhibit here in Long Island City, New York!! The Jeffrey Leder Gallery (2 blocks from PS1 MOMA) will open with a unique exhibition featuring 9 Graffiti Artists and 2 photographers. These artists have created art that explores their strong reactions to 5 Pointz being whitewashed overnight.

Contributing Artists: Auks, Cortes, Hans Von Rittern, Jerms, Meres One, Orestes Gonzalez, Poem, Shiro, See TF, Topaz, Zimad

Curated by Marie Cecile-Flageul
April 5 – June 8, 2014
Opening reception April 5, 6-9pm! Come join me – you’re invited!!

“Whitewash, is an answer to the violent act of G&M realty on November 19th, 2013 in Long Island City Queens. Overnight thousands of murals adorning the building known as 5 Pointz were destroyed. It‘s a story of pain, sadness, and anger at times and reflection – An epic of an art community and its home coming apart under the pressure of economical trends and waves of gentrification.
Bringing together a cluster of resident graffiti artists and two Queens photographers, the exhibition enables the artists to express their true feelings and thought process since loosing their work to a white layer of paint, and their home to the pressing demands of real estate development. For the first time since the whitewash we will witness how affected this collective is by being eclipsed from their 11 years home.

The works in Whitewash aspire to such: Laying feelings on canvas, and letting go of the pain, the show brings together artworks that can be interpreted as confession, lessons, or reflection but also aspirations and hopes.

Whitewash is an obvious requiem for 5 Pointz the building but also maybe the beginning of a rebirth of 5 Pointz the community and its true core: the people.“
Marie-Cecile Flageul



5 Pointz International Graffiti Museum.  December 14, 2013.

5 Pointz International Graffiti Museum. December 14, 2013.

Photo of the day: I’M NOT DREAMING OF A WHITE CHRISTMAS – With the horrific heartless vandalizing of the 5 Pointz international graffiti art museum by owner Gerry Wolkoff by smearing white paint over 1,000’s of pieces of incredible breath taking art, I thought it would be sadly ironic to photograph the remains of the museum in tonight’s first blizzard of the season. The loading dock has now been cordoned off with a tall chain link fence with mesh netting so you cannot ‘see’ through, god forbid scrooge let’s you have a glimpse. (I squeezed my camera through an opening in the gate). The two gates are kept closed with a big steel chain link and lock. As the wind whipped the snow around, the gates rattled back and forth with the only sound to be heard of the chain links and the lock rattling, eerily like that of a ghost in an old movie haunting his final resting place. It felt like a cold place of death as the wind howled, the chains rattled with not a sign of life except for the occasional rats wondering where all the food has gone. Perhaps the rats will find good company with the despicable owner Gerry Wolkoff since misery loves company.
I just stood there for about an hour and watched the snow envelope the now ghostly white building in a graveyard of snow. In this particular case, I am not dreaming of a white Christmas.
(More photos to follow.)