Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.

Photo of the day: LEARNING TO WRITE

5 Pointz Graffiti Museum

5 Pointz Graffiti Museum

Photo of the day: LEARNING TO WRITE – August 21, 2011 a class of grade school children was brought to the 5 Pointz street art museum and learned about hip hop culture, the history of graffiti art in NYC and then they were shown how to stylize their names. Once they had perfected their names they were allowed to write them on the lids of the dumpsters in the loading dock area, taking great care to leave their new artistic names with pride.
Come see my photos exhibited in the PHO-TO-GRAFFS exhibit at the Gold Coast Arts Center, March 16 opening reception.
113 Middle Neck Road, Great Neck, Long Island. 516-829-2570, see you  there !

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