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THANK YOU ! – for the over 200+ (I lost count) international happy birthday wishes on Facebook and here on my blog! I am truly overwhelmed 🙂
I tried answering many of you but couldn’t personally answer all, it was just a matter of time and logistics. So – I’ve put up this road sign to say THANK YOU and VIELEN DANK to all of my international friends. You have made me feel so special. (Mom says: “Over 175?! You got that many cards?” “No mom, they’re email wishes.” “Oh, I guess that how things are done nowadays.” “Yes, mom.” Mom thought a little bit – “Let me see them!”)
My personal thanks to my neighborhood friends Marie and Meres for giving me an extra special local birthday celebration.  And of course a very special thanks to Ursula/mom, who at 87 still makes the best home cooked German birthday dinner in New York ❤ !