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Photo of the day: SNOW GLOW


SNOW GLOW: During my hiatus from blogging and Facebook, the blizzard of February 10, 2013 hit Sunnyside Queens, New York and I got the photograph I had been wanting to get for a long time. The street my mother lives on, 45th Street, near Queens Blvd. has a great view of the passing #7 train. When it rains or snows it always has an atmosphere of eerie yet romantic, old world yet in today’s times and a great misty light play. I grabbed my camera and stood in the snow for two hours till midnight photographing the storm and the light plays. This is one of my favorites moments.


SILENT NIGHT, HOLY CR_P WHAT A NIGHT!: As if hurricane Sandy wasn’t enough, New York received 4 inches of snow, it’s the heaviest early snowfall in November ever last night. I walked just four blocks in my neighborhood of Sunnyside, Queens and witnessed four trees come crashing down. The trees still have their leaves and the very wet snowfall created¬†too much of a weight burden that they¬†can bear. We have such a dense canopy, I decided it was safer to head home than to continue taking pictures. It was a silent night, but a bit of an un-holy night.

(The white ‘dots’ in the photo, is the reflection of my camera’s flash on the snowflakes.)