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From the gallery: PAUL NEWMAN

PAUL NEWMAN: I can say that I have been kissed by Paul Newman – can you?!

I was attending a dog fashion show, thanks to an invite from my dear friend Susan Godwin, at the (soon to be torn down) Pennsylvania Hotel opposite Madison Square Garden. It was quite a show, sequins and feathers everywhere. Dazzling gowns, crisp tuxedos…and the people looked good too! At the entrance there was the usual reception line with the photographers, celebrities and celeb-wannabe’s. Then in walked Paul Newman, the all white basset hound with ice blue eyes. Paul took a liking (or, er…licking) to me, rolling on his back to have his belly scratched, then came the big wet tongue. As I got up from our little love fest, I looked down and got this shot. No matter how down and out I feel, how bad a day it has been, I look at this photo and I can’t stop laughing.