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Go to CNN’S Anderson Cooper interview with her Monday 7-15-13 evening.

In only 1-½ days juror B37 has secured herself a book deal, claiming not because she “wants to profit from this”.  . . and I am the pope! Her husband is a lawyer – HOW did she get  on the jury?? She is also a right wing gun advocate and a proponent of the hideous Florida “stand your ground law.” One of the blind who firmly believes “race had nothing to do with it.” She claims she knows what happened that night. Listen to her words very, very carefully. The hesitations and voice say a lot more than what just her words say.

She is an older white woman, (very privileged white, doesn‘t need to work) to the point that she refers to blacks as “they” and “them” and felt sorry for the defense witness “poor Rachel Jeantel”. There was a huge racial and age gap: “She had just used ‘phrases’ I had never heard before.”

She told Anderson Cooper the jury entered the deliberation room 2 for manslaughter, 1 for second degree murder  2 likely guilty – but she was “convinced“ from the very beginning that “George”  was innocent. “No doubt about it.” (It is also disturbingly cozy that she does not refer to the defendent as ‘the defendent’, ‘George Zimmerman’ or ‘Mr. Zimmerman’ – but as “George”). “We just couldn’t reach a verdict 3 to 3. So I worked so hard to go over the evidence again and again.” “Again and again“ translates as “bullied” for her right wing gun toting agenda! Remember she was the only one that was convinced from the start that ‘George’ was innocent. She was the alpha female in the group that swayed the jury to go her way, so she could write the book on how she fought to carry them to the light of the truth! BINGO = book deal 1-½ days later!

Of course towards the end of the interview, as all right wingers do, she threw in some required quivers in her voice and supposed tears. “I feel sorry for both of them.” BOTH. I say ‘supposed tears’ because her face was blacked out. When Anderson asked her why she didn‘t want to show her face, she said because wanted to be “cautious.” We know this about her: the woman has lived in the Sanford, Fla., area for 18 years and has two daughters – a 24-year-old pet groomer and a 27-year-old college student. During jury selection, she said she had been called for jury duty four times previously but never selected to sit on a case.

Never selected for a case – yet this one she seemingly was “perfect” for and swayed the whole case. If you are angry, if you feel this is as unjust and embarrassing as I do – direct your anger at her – JUROR #B37 !

PS – The case is also a sad confluence of bad things. Teenager Rachel Jeantel was interviewed on CNN’S Piers Morgan afterwards. To everyone’s surprise she IS a well spoken, intelligent (street smart) religious girl, respectful of her elders. Why sadly did Rachel not pull herself together and show herself as she was on Piers Morgan Monday night? Because she said she was angry, didn’t want to be incourt, couldn’t deal with Trayvon Martin’s death and is very afraid of death. How very, very sad that this young innocent boy lost his life due to such a “Chicago” (movie) like trial. The film, by the way, is based on a true 1924 story of Belva Gaertner and Beulah Annan. In all this time, almost ninety years later, it still rings true in America, get a more clever lawyer and you CAN get away with murder.

Juror #B37’s book, ‘George Zimmerman Is Innocent’ written with the assistance of her lawyer husband,

will be out later this year.