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Photo of the day: THE GRID

GRID crop
Photo of the day: GRID – The grid: grid pattern, architectural grid, electric grid, football grid, Manhattan grid, gridiron, pancake griddle, grid system, power grid,¬†racing grid, geographic grid, subway grid, geogrid technology, on and off the grid, computer grid, nighttime grid¬† and Mondrian’s grid. Which grid is this?

Photo of the day: THE MEETING OF THE ‘M’ CLUB

MEETING OF THE ‘M’ CLUB: The great painter Edouard Manet said: “There is only one true thing – instantly paint what you see. When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. When you haven’t, you begin again. All the rest is humbug.”
I as a photographer say: “Life is art = Art is life. If you have life in your eyes, you see the art.”

On one of the last warm days last week I came across this endearing scene. It is under the elevated ‘7’ train that heads towards Shea Stadium.

The meeting of ‘The M Club’. Mini Matisse, mini Mondrian, mini Manet and mini Monet.
A local day school teacher brings his little “M’s” to various spots here in Sunnyside Queens to inspire them to paint what they see and feel.
Matisse is in her blue period. Mondrian is being very colorful. Manet is feeling very precise and Monet is just going wild with his expressionism. Who knows what paths lie ahead for these four adorable children, one may be a lawyer, one our next president, one may be a psychiatrist and one may have their paintings hanging in the Museum of Modern Art!
Paint on dear children, paint on . . .