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Photo of the day: 1973 REFLECTIONS ON LOVE

"Love" 1973

“Love” 1973

Photo of the day:  1973 REFLECTIONS ON LOVE

– Returning back to Mondays on Memory Lane, (and in honor of Valentine’s Day just past), I just found my junior high school ‘audio visual’ English project from 1973 called “Reflections on my World“.

It was a collage of photos and poems accompanied by a typed booklet version as well. It was my first attempt at seriously writing and expressing myself at age seventeen. There are twelve poems: Sunsets, The Sea, Sun Rise, Animals, Love, Colors, Beaches, The Desert, Flowers, Horizons, The Moon and Children. I had always been a voracious hunter of magazines in our apartment building’s incinerator (aka garbage) room and would spend hours looking through magazines like Look, Life, Time, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, National Geographic, the gossips mags, Newsweek, anything with pictures. So therefore, I think the twelve poems were decided upon by the photos I had clipped from the magazines. (Somewhere in my warehouse space there is still a treasure trove of boxes filled with magazine clippings.)


Being in love,

It’s so beautiful.

Your heart fills with joy,

Nothing else matters,

She is yours to love,

What more can there be?

    I received an A+ on the project from English teacher Mr. Palzer.  My audacity was, I had pasted a note on the back with an explanation of the project, as well as me having the balls to proclaim I deserved ‘at least’ an A if not an A+. In Mr. Palzer’s critique I was complimented on my self expression and insight. I had two grades, the first one was heavily crossed out by Mr. Palzer and next to it was the A+. With no other grade higher than an A+, I guess he at first wasn’t going to give in on my high opinion of my work – but then on second thought…he gave in J .

Photo of the day: LOVE HAS NO COLOR (a poem)


by KoolC
What’s the color of love, if you should ask?
Is it blue? Oh I thought you knew, is it black?
Red, brown, round or is it white, or quite right,
What’s the color of love?
Love has no color
Just ask the true lovers,
Love is timeless, love is kindness, endless, courteous,
a little bit of teasing and a lot of pleasing,
Love is like the rainbow,
Love is like a rose – with nourishment it will grow.
Love has no color no matter where you go,
Love is respect and affection, love is honor and protection,
Love is a symphony, a song with the most beautiful melody,
Love is freedom, like the river to the sea.
Love would always say come to me, like a harp in harmony,
Love is peace and unity, its that sparkle in your eyes,
its the glory of paradise,
Love is a tender moment of pleasure, it can’t be measured.
Love is an unquenchable thirst, a desire of passion, of fire
Love can break the spell of any curse, always put love first,
I couldn’t live in a world without love.
Love has no color, love is clear as crystal, naked as a new born,
Love is beyond the galaxy, its infinity,
Love can make a blind man see, love is a phenomena,
Love has no color
Love is the greatest gift of all,
Love is what we are and who we are
and what we can be,
but love has no color
because I am a fool for love.
Love has no color.