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Photo of the day: ART IS TRA$H, Francisco de Pájaro and 5 Pointz


Photo of the day: ART IS TRA$H – This art work by street artist Francisco de Pájaro was discovered on a mattress late at night at 5 Pointz Graffiti and Street Art Museum which is now destroyed. So, the art at 5 Pointz is now sadly trashed. Or, is it we as society that are the trash? Come see the ‘Whitewash” exhibit at the Jeffrey Leder Gallery in it’s last days till June 8! Closing party Saurday June 7: 12 -8.  LEDER GALLERY: 2137 45th Road, L.I.C.
#7/G subway stop. One block away from 5 Pointz and PS1 Moma. Admission is free
Here is an excerpt from an interview on Francisco de Pájaro from the blog: ‘Street Art Mecca’: “Francisco speaks about the absurdity in society, our hideous selfishness, our capacity for self destruction and our ridiculous behaviour towards weaknesses. Pajaro’s “Art is Trash” speaks directly at you and says “you are the art, the lie and the trash of society”, and we love him for it. I realised in hindsight that he is just as wonderfully satirical and humorous in conversation as his art is on the street. He sees society with the stark reality you find in many great artists. He points out our imperfections and makes us laugh at them. He converts our waste into grotesque reminders about who we are and what we do. His style of art might be named naive if it wasn’t so harsh to look at. The gallery is on the street, among our discarded belongings that we so often like to ignore.
On previous mini filming excursions with Pajaro I noted that the artwork doesn’t last long on the streets. In Barcelona there are specific nights when people can put any type of trash on the streets. Each neighbourhood has it’s own day and we met in Gracia on a Tuesday. It doesn’t take long to find an attractive pile of crap and he gets to work. The street is dark and desolate and there’s only Pakistani immigrants competing for recyclables. They stop and watch the performance. One couple walk past and recognise him from “that documentary”. On a different occasion I’ve seen people take some of the art as soon as we leave. “It’s a Barcelona thing” says one neighbour, as he takes a mini monster sculptor back into his house.

Art is Tra$h: Nobody can put me down.


How true that is…..