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Our dog Noel - happy at last :)

Our dog Noel – happy at last 🙂

Photo of the day: FRESHLY GROOMED ‘NOEL’ WAITS FOR HER CAR SERVICE – Our dog Noel (a sheep dog-terrier mix), my mom Ursula and I would like to extend a special thanks to our friends Jude Amsel and Marie Flageul for turning us on to a really wonderful local Long Island City groomer “LIC Doghouse”. Mom and I have been through hell with Le Pitou II/Forest Hills dog groomers that would forget appointments then screaming at my 88 year old mom, shaving sores/cuts on Noel, Noel being returned to us in a frightened state, getting her toenail ripped off by a local Sunnyside groomer (yes you read that right!) and requiring emergency surgery, finding a car service that will take a large dog to far away groomers, let alone finding a groomer that will even take a 60lb dog.
Finally we found loving and gentle groomers at LIC Doghouse, they were so gentle and kind to Noel and my mom that they now have a new loyal customer. It is rare that Noel’s tail wags through the entire grooming process. Thank you again Jude and Marie, and a great big thanks to LIC Doghouse – Noel sends you lots of wet licks !