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TRASH TREASURE, PROPELLER PLEASURE: I found this fantastic vintage mint 1950’s propeller blade fan in the trash! Complete with a thick coating of dust and dust balls! Friday is trash day here, the best day to walk your dog. I have found some of the best things on the street that are now my treasures.  As they say: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”
I love the combination of the 1950’s mint green color, the commercial grade design, the heavy cast iron textured base, the old fashioned cord and the sleek art deco design. I can’t wait to polish it up! This early 1950’s Eskimo brand fan was designed before safety was a consideration. The very powerful motor spins the commercial outboard metal blades fast enough to cut your fingers off. The cage has no design thought to prevent fingers from going inside – ahhh the 50’s! It’ll blow anything out of it’s way! Gotta love the retro 50’s, gotta love trash day!
What are some of your trash treasure finds?