Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.

Photo of the day: LEFT OUT TO FRY – NYC HEATWAVE, day 5

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Photo of the day: LEFT OUT TO FRY – Your flip flops are sticking to the tar in the streets, your ice cream cone drips down your arm the moment you reach for it, your underwear is wet and you haven’t been swimming, the back of your neck “is feeling dirty and gritty”,  walking more than three blocks you start to feel faint, every metal object in the city is hot to the touch, you dread the thought of going down to that lower level subway, what can I sacrifice to pay that higher electric bill this month?, I wonder if the Twilight Zone’s “Midnight Sun” episode is on METV tonight?, you’re on your fourth ice cold $1.00 water bottle, all of a sudden carrying an umbrella doesn’t seem so old Asian lady dorky-like,  your sun screen just melts right off your arms…, what idiot goes jogging in this polluted heat?, you find yourself listening for the Mr. Softee truck music (which you loathe), oh hell – I’m taking my shirt off…why didn’t I exercise more?,  will Mayor Bloomberg arrest me if I jump in that fountain?? Here I go . . . !
"WHEN will this heatwave end?!?!" (Twilight Zone 'Midnight Sun' episode.)

“WHEN will this heatwave end?!?!” (Twilight Zone ‘Midnight Sun’ episode.)

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