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Archive for March 30, 2013



JESUS ‘CROSSES’ THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE:  I was conducting a walking tour across the Brooklyn Bridge this Good Friday and wondered why I was hearing this mass amount of voices singing up ahead of us. When we got to the center of the bridge there was Jesus and his followers crossing the bridge. Hundreds of people recalled the suffering and death of Jesus with a procession over the bridge in observance of Good Friday.

Called The Way of the Cross, the traditional Catholic pilgrimage began at St. James Cathedral  in Downtown Brooklyn where Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio presided over a short service. Observers then spilled out of the church doors to follow the Rev. Richard Veras, who carried a large wooden cross over the bridge.

The Way of the Cross procession in Brooklyn began in 1996 with a small group of friends. Participants visit five symbolic stations of the cross at St. James Cathedral, a point on the Brooklyn Bridge, City Hall Park, Ground Zero,  and finally ending at St. Peter’s Church on Barclay Street in Manhattan.

People of all ages followed the somber Friday morning procession — some praying and singing out loud while others stayed silent. My Swiss guests were astounded to see so many people in the procession. I told them, “Having once lived at the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, I have seen all sorts of people cross the bridge, from racers, protestors, 9/11 survivors and politicians – now I have seen Jesus crossing too.”