Daily photographs by HANS VON RITTERN, with humorous, artistic and social commentary on life in the big city.

Photo of the day: THE OLD ROCKERS

THE OLD ROCKERS: Old rockers never die they just get played out.
There is so much going on here. I am passing by a disco concert on 46th Street/Queens Blvd. in Sunnyside, Queens yesterday, and I see these two faded rockers sitting in the front. She grabbed my attention first. In the glaring heat, she is wearing all black. The earrings are gold inverted crosses. Her t-shirt is the best – it has a big metallic gold chain (from the hood) printed on it. The sunglasses are pitch black Dolce Gabbana. But . . . she can’t keep awake to the blaring sounds of “Disco Inferno”.
Her husband (?) is wearing the 2012 equivalent of a 1970’s leisure suit: a brown colored jogging suit. Any color is permissible in jogging suits, but brown = leisure suit. On the shoulders of his jacket are hanger impressions from the jacket having hung in the closet too long. He has a long pony tail that has many shades of color no longer on his head.
He loving  ‘Disco Inferno’, nudges her enthusiastically, she just nods off . . .
Photo of the day:

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