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Photo of the day: 1973 REFLECTIONS ON LOVE

"Love" 1973

“Love” 1973

Photo of the day:  1973 REFLECTIONS ON LOVE

– Returning back to Mondays on Memory Lane, (and in honor of Valentine’s Day just past), I just found my junior high school ‘audio visual’ English project from 1973 called “Reflections on my World“.

It was a collage of photos and poems accompanied by a typed booklet version as well. It was my first attempt at seriously writing and expressing myself at age seventeen. There are twelve poems: Sunsets, The Sea, Sun Rise, Animals, Love, Colors, Beaches, The Desert, Flowers, Horizons, The Moon and Children. I had always been a voracious hunter of magazines in our apartment building’s incinerator (aka garbage) room and would spend hours looking through magazines like Look, Life, Time, Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, National Geographic, the gossips mags, Newsweek, anything with pictures. So therefore, I think the twelve poems were decided upon by the photos I had clipped from the magazines. (Somewhere in my warehouse space there is still a treasure trove of boxes filled with magazine clippings.)


Being in love,

It’s so beautiful.

Your heart fills with joy,

Nothing else matters,

She is yours to love,

What more can there be?

    I received an A+ on the project from English teacher Mr. Palzer.  My audacity was, I had pasted a note on the back with an explanation of the project, as well as me having the balls to proclaim I deserved ‘at least’ an A if not an A+. In Mr. Palzer’s critique I was complimented on my self expression and insight. I had two grades, the first one was heavily crossed out by Mr. Palzer and next to it was the A+. With no other grade higher than an A+, I guess he at first wasn’t going to give in on my high opinion of my work – but then on second thought…he gave in J .

Photo of the day: THE AGONY OF DE FEET


Photo of the day: THE AGONY OF DE FEET – Ssssssnow!  Soggy feet. Snowy feet. Soaking feet.  Sweaty in those rubber boots feet. Salty feet. Sore feet. Slushy feet. Shivery feet. Enough already!



Photo of the day: WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? – This is a solar powered parking meter in New York City. The mayor has been harassed to clean all the streets at once in our last three blizzards this year. Everyone is screaming “clean my street, clean your sidewalk, clean the outdoor subway platforms, salt the bridges!” But – one thing no one has thought of is…the solar powered parking meters. Their solar panels on top are completely ice and snow covered, which means no sun exposure – hence…they don’t work and therefore you can’t park  😦  .

Photo of the day: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY !


Photo of the day: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY from the subways of New York City!

Postcard story of the Week – POSTCARD FROM A CAD AND A SCOUNDREL 1939


Postcard story of the Week – POSTCARD FROM A CAD AND A SCOUNDREL 1939 Description: Downtown skyscrapers, New York, The financial center of the world. In these skyscrapers many billions of dollars change hands every year and world projects are financed. Federal Reserve Bank, Cities Service, Bank of Manhattan, City Bank, Farmers Trust Company.
       To: Mr. Andrew Mcate
415 – 22″ Street
Ashland, Kentucky
August 7, 1939
     I like to hang around here because its such easy picking and I always get my share, will probably be home Fri or Sat.
     So, the question is: Was Rus a lady’s man cad, a business con man or a thief?? What do you think?

Photo of the day: MELT GOD DAMMIT !


Photo of the day: (Message to the ice and snow) MELT GOD DAMMIT !

THIS IS MY 500th POST ! !

Photo of the day: BRING YOUR PETS INSIDE


Photo of the day: BRING YOUR PETS INSIDE – It has snowed again last night, don’t forget to bring your loved ones indoors.


The Ed Sullivan Theater, February 9, 2014

The Ed Sullivan Theater, February 9, 2014

Photo of the day: 2-9-1964 8:00PM  THE BEATLES CHANGED CULTURE FOREVER – On February 9th, 1964 just a few minutes after 8:00pm America was changed forever with these immortal words uttered by Ed Sullivan “Ladies and gentlemen the Beatles!” 70 million TV viewers, America’s largest TV audience to date watched frantic girls scream to the strains of “All My Loving”.
        Say and think what you will but after 9:00pm our music, fashion, behavior, styles, art and society had changed like a boulder crashing over a cliff. It was a teenage sonic boom that suddenly took over. Adults couldn’t understand this “yeah, yeah, yeah” nonsense. Today Beatles music is considered easy listening and elevator music that young kid’s grandparents listen too (hard to wrap your head around that…). It has influenced many musicians ever since, it’s amazing how far we have come. In honor of this historic broadcast the Ed Sullivan theater here in New York City has recreated the now iconic marquis of that night.
       The program opened with The Beatles, who sang “All My Loving,” “Till There Was You,” and “She Loves You,” followed by a magician and excerpts from the Broadway musical “Oliver” with Georgia Brown and ironically future “Monkee” Davy Jones in the cast, yes that Davy Jones! Mimic Frank Gorshin impersonated movie stars as political leaders and Tony Award Welsh singer/actress Tessie O’Shea sang, followed by comedians Mitzi McCall and Charlie Brill. Later in the program, The Beatles performed “I Saw Her Standing There” and “I Want To Hold Your Hand.” The program closed with the pantominists Weels and The Four Fays.
      Here is a video of that groundbreaking performance including some video of the Beatles partying at famed disco the Peppermint Lounge as girls teach Ringo the latest dance steps. http://www.jukebo.com/the-beatles/music-clip,the-ed-sullivan-show-first-appearance,qp8rul.html

Photo of the day: THINK PINK!


Photo of the day: THINK PINK!
Think pink! Think pink! when you shop for summer clothes.
Think pink! think pink! if you want that quel-que chose.
Red is dead, blue is through, Green’s obscene, brown’s taboo.
And there is not the slightest excuse for plum or puce or chartreuse.
Think pink! forget that Dior says rust and black.
Think pink! who cares if the new look will set you back.
Now, I wouldn’t presume to tell a woman what a woman oughtta think,
But tell her if she’s gotta think: think pink!
“Think Pink!” sung by Kay Thompson in the 1957 Audrey Hepburn film “Funny Face”
Model above: Victoria Viscardi at Pup Scouts Honda event